Kiwanis Children’s Fund

Please use this link to visit the Kiwanis Children’s Fund website.

Ohio is proud to lead the way in Dr. Wil Blechman Fellows. Thank you to the following Kiwanians who have given or pledged:

Amy Zimmerman; Sandy Zimmerman; Alan Penn; Kip & Becky Crain*; Ted & Lyn Coons*; Jim & Sally Little; Jim Janosik; Michael Iafrato; Craig Smith; Jennifer Weinberg; Janet & Mike Molineaux in memory of Mena Grace; Janet & Mike Molineaux*; Scott Lindsey; Wayne Stein; Chris Walter; Gjergj Haxhiu; Craig Wallace; Steven & Patricia Ingram; Jim Skidmore; Don Parker; Joseph Germana; Ted Barrows.

*denotes 2 individual fellowships