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Certified Instructor Application

Thank you for expressing an interest in the Certified Instructor position. Every October, Kiwanis begins the year with a new slate of club officers, and it requires a team to prepare these club officers for their positions. And that’s why we’re looking for the best and brightest certified instructors to educate and prepare them for success.

To be considered for the position, we request that you have strong experience facilitating in a group environment, using current technology to assist in those education sessions, and would prefer that you have held the position of Lieutenant Governor or higher. Please review the position description for additional information here.

As a Certified Instructor, you will be representing Kiwanis International and your district to local club officers. It is a priority to provide consistent education to our leaders, so the program is expected to be delivered as provided by Kiwanis International and your district. This will ensure that the education sessions are consistent and accurate regardless of what district or division the club resides, and which instructor is facilitating the curriculum.

Certified Instructor Application

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I am willing to make a three-year commitment to provide education to participants in my district.*
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I agree to participate in any district evaluation processes for Certified Instructors.*
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