Douglas R.K. Everett Award

Recognizes the outstanding District Chair “Our Quest – Their Best” and named after Past District Governor Douglas Everett.

Year           Chair                          Committee

2000          Mauri Cron                  Club Revitalization

2001          Dean Cole                   Membership Growth

2002          Sharon O’Neal             Midyear Conference

2003          Cindy Champer            K-Kids

2004          John Bodmer               New Club Building       

2005          Dennis Mozser             On to International Convention

2006          S. Dale Leach              Make a Difference Day

2007          Robert King                 Aktion Clubs

2008          Joanne King                K-Kids

2008          Robert Williams           K-Kids

2009          Sande Johnson            Aktion Clubs

2010          William Snellgrove        Membership Growth

2011          Sharon O’Neal             MidYear Conference

2012          Cindy Champer            Eliminate

2013          Kathleen Moylan          New Club Building

2014          Hasani Wheat              Human and Spiritual Values

2015          Jamie Kaufman            Midyear Conference

2016          James Janosik             Public Relations

2017          Rick Kidwell                 Community Services

2018          Jason Miller                 Education

2019          Steve Vrooman            Youth Services

2020          James Minter               Public Relations

2021          Susan Denning            Leadership Development and Education

2021          Chad Gardner             Circle K    

2022          Dick Brulotte          Aktion Club

2023 Mike Rudolph & Steve Vrooman District Convention