Club Billing Information

The annual amount each club is billed per member is as follows:

International Dues $52.00
Magazine Subscription $  8.00
Liability Insurance (includes Directors & Officers, Liability, Risk Fee) $22.00
Ohio District Dues $26.00
Total billed per non-Life Member $108.00
Life Member Billed Amount $56.00

Please note that changes to the Billing Roster must be in the office at Kiwanis International by no later than October 10th. You will not need to file an actual roster. Kiwanis International will simply use your membership as of October 10th as the billing number.

Beginning October 1, 2021 Kiwanis International and the Ohio District have instituted a pro-rated dues schedule as follows:

Please note that these amounts do not apply to those members who had been granted Family Membership prior to when that Pilot Program was cancelled on October 1, 2017. If you need information about the dues payable to Family Members granted before that date, please call the district office at (614) 848-5000.

For those considering Life Membership with Kiwanis, please note the following excerpt from the Kiwanis International Bylaws Article VIII, Section 6. Life Member Status
a. Any Kiwanis club member may be granted life member status on a one-time payment of a fee of fifteen (15) times the annual International dues as prescribed herein. (6/2015)
b. Upon attaining life member status, the member’s club is thereby relieved of any further dues obligation to Kiwanis International for that member. The financial obligations to said member’s local club and district, subscription to official publications, and the premium payable to defray the cost of insurance prescribed herein shall remain payable. (6/2015)
c. Life member status shall be in force only during the time the member also is a member of an affiliated club. (6/1989)
d. The quota of life memberships available in any administrative year shall be determined by the Board of Trustees of Kiwanis International. (6/1989)